Syrian House

Syrisches Haus

Syrisches Haus is a project by the Integration HUB e.V. A non-profit organisation which aims to facilitate, encourage and promote integration.


  • Provide information, tools and impartial information to help with the integration of the Syrian community.
  • Connecting and networking the Syrian community via Social Media.
  • Organising Events and Campaigns.
  • Organising activities and workshops for education.
  • Supporting Professionals.
  • Launching issues of the Syrian community into a political discussion in the German society.
  • Developing “Syrisches Haus” as a blueprint for organising, supporting and integrating communities in EU.


Organising, Supporting, Connecting, and lobbying the Syrian Community in Germany.

Short film

Facebook Stories short film made a movie about the Syrian House and Monis Bukhari, the founder. It is their first short film about a Syrian and a non-profit organisation.

The short movie retracing the first steps of Syrisches Haus can be viewed here:


It is the vision of the team of the Syrian House to develop the Syrian community in Germany to act as a blueprint of strategies to follow and measures to take to build and successfully integrate communities of migrants/refugees with the German Society.