Integration HUB

The Integration HUB e.V. is the not for profit organisation; its current project is the Syrian House. The project we envision for the future is a media project detailed in the next part.


The Integration HUB
The Integration HUB

Contribute to building a German society in which integration of different communities works to the level that it becomes an international role model of how integration and community building can work


The Integration HUB acts as an independent, nonparty, charitable facilitator between all stakeholders involved in the process of integration in Germany. It favours a „bottom-up“ approach to solution finding and builds on existing solution
Rather than developing new ones from scratch.

  • Empowerment: Enable Refugees, Newcomers, and Citizens to join and find their resources appropriate answers to challenges faced with,
  • Community Building: Connect people based on common interests and motivations face to face to tackle common challenges together,
  • Co-working: Integrate people of all stakeholders in solution design,
  • Moderation of the network of stakeholders,
  • Toolbox of methods, knowledge, and resources to support approaches with a rather than building them
  • Ensure the availability and accessibility of knowledge and solutions (e.g. Open Source coding)
  • Interface creation between the volunteers and the primary job market,
  • Support entrepreneurship.

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