Deutsche Demokratie

Democracy in Germany

Workshops: ‘Deutsche Demokratie’

An interactive workshop series for the Syrian community a cooperation between the Syrian House and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The workshop series is intended to provide basic knowledge about democracy in Germany and provide knowledge of German history and politics.
Experts discuss and present and past aspects of German politics and democracy. The workshops live streamed over Facebook. After the inputs of the expert’s, participants can ask questions both online and in the room.

The language of the workshops is both German and Arabic with simultaneous translation. It allows reaching a larger part of the community including those who recently arrived and did not speak German yet.

Topics are widespread as such the latest workshop about the Migration History Germanys event took place in Bonn and extended the cooperation to the Stiftung Haus der Geschichte in Bonn.
The workshops have an average reach of over 40K and are watched by over 7K Arabic speakers and 2K German speakers.

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Start: May 2015 – Monthly