Tanween (theatre)

Tanween (theatre)

Artistic Project: Tanween (theatre)


What defines an individual besides his personal character and his personal history?
A significant part is defined by his origin and his culture with art are being a predominant element of the latter.

Theater is the living expression of past experiences, present and future fears, hopes and stories.
We believe that mixing the German and Syrian theatre world will profit both: those making and living the theatre, as well as those seeing and experiencing it. By presenting the Arabic heritage, a new world is opened to Europeans. By mixing the Western and the Middle Eastern influence, the genre will evolve.
Integration is a two-way approach in which the Newcomers get to know the Locals and vice versa. To allow this, the Newcomer culture has to be introduced to the Locals. If done appropriately this favours the mutual respect and sows the seeds to for a fruitful exchange of which both side benefit.
Despite this need to integrate the Syrian and the German art and theatre landscape, mainly initiatives focussing on amateurs have seen the light in Germany.

Why? Those who once belonged to the Syrian art elite arrive in a new country where they either can not afford to stay in the artistic field, or they simply don’t know where and how to start in this field again. Amateurs are often those still in waiting shelters and those having time to kill.
Our dream is to integrate the professional Syrian and the German theatre community, to allow Syrian artists to live their life path and to open new perspectives to German artists and in the future develop an annual Syrian theatre festival.



Integrate the German and the Syrian theatre community.

(Re)Build the Syrian theatre community in Berlin and bring the Syrian theatre elite back to the arts.

Short term

Build a database to match the Syrian theatre artists and the German theatres wanting to work with them
Understand the challenges faced by the Syrian theatre artists in Germany (Workshop 1)
Find the solutions that are already existing and define which solutions need to be designed (Workshop 2)

Mid Term

Present findings and outcomes from Workshop 1 and two at two conferences (Reframing cooperations & Szenenwechsel)

Develop the solutions and tools based on the outcome from Workshop 1 and 2.

Long Term

Create a first Syrian play.

Start a Syrian theatre festival in Berlin