Community building, forming and networking

Syrisches Haus

The Syrian House in Germany is focusing on networking, organising, supporting, and representing the interests of the Syrian Community in Germany.

Facebook is one of the main channels used by the Syrian House for accessing and building the Syrian community and for managing the communication network. On Facebook, the Syrian community is organised in groups. The group “Syrian House in Germany, ” acts as the main forum. Here information is posted, and discussions take place that is of general interest to the community.
The Facebook group, Syrisches Haus in Deutschland, have more than 135,000 members today and receiving 850 actions per minute, this activity comes 90% from Germany, and the other 10% in the list below.

  • The Syrian House in Germany
    The Syrian House in Germany

    89.4% Germany

  • 2.9% Syria
  • 1.3% Turkey
  • 1.1% United Kingdom
  • 1.0% Saudi Arabia
  • 0.9% United States
  • 0.7% European Union

Other groups are formed and administered which focus on specific topics of relevance. These are a family reunion, profession and interests on the one hand side and uniting the people of the different regions and cities in Germany.
Like as an example:

  • Syrisches Haus in Deutschland
    Syrisches Haus in Deutschland

    Syrian House in Dortmund

  • Syrian House in Hamburg
  • Syrian House in Berlin
  • Syrian doctors in Germany
  • Syrian engineers in Germany
  • Syrian artists in Germany
  • Syrian kitchen in Germany
  • Etc.

In addition to the Facebook groups, Facebook pages created for more static content. There are pages providing information on the cities and regions, as well as there are pages where groups of Syrian professional’s upload and share work. Information on events, activities and campaigns are published and shared via Facebook pages.